Here’s a sample of talks given over the last few years, on topics ranging from developing the investment potential of Papua New Guinea to digital currencies for New Zealand.

“Now, Next, Never-never”

Closing keynote for IAG’s “Script0” professional development week for their CX/UX staffers – the future of work, and of organisations…

“Growing from the Edges”

From the 2017 PNG Investment Forum: how a clever combination of connectivity, education and economics can supercharge growth in the developing nation.

“A Digital Reformation”

Rethinking the age of social media and social sharing – have we got what we wanted? How can we make our technical efforts more human-focused?

“Hard Yards & Halfway There: VR from 1990 to 2040”

Reflecting on my nearly 30 years of experience in virtual reality, as it finally becomes an inexpensive and broadly usable technique to share experience.

GDCC Keynote: “Follow The Money”

Delivered as part of the G20 2014 Brisbane event, this talk covers the history and potential of blockchain technologies in finance and governance.

“Five Billion Bankers”

At Capital Markets East Africa in Kigali, Rwanda, I described a fintech future where every adult everywhere is fully empowered to participate in a money economy – via smartphone.

“Planet of the Apps”

The smartphone creates a platform and new ecosystem. I advocate digital money – via blockchain – as the necessary complement to amplify financial innovation throughout the world.

Startup Grind Sydney

A 2017 interview detailing some of the more interesting aspects of my 35-year career in technology.

Democratising Technology: The Square Revolution with Jim McKelvey

The City of Sydney’s Visiting Entrepreneur programme invited Square co-founder Jim McKelvey to give a talk and intervew – followed by a panel discussion.
I emceed, interviewed Jim & moderated the panel.

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