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“Mark’s capacity to visualise our world beyond the horizon is second to none. There is not one better at identifying new trends and explaining where they could go.  He is captivating presenter.”
Clarity. Insight. Inspiration.

Audiences always circle back to these points when describing a Mark Pesce’s gifts as a speaker, storyteller, and explainer. With more than twenty years of experience as a public speaker, educator, and broadcaster, Mark has both the skills to connect with an audience, and the capacity to take that audience on a journey they’ll never forget.


Whether it’s talking about the future of banking for the G20, the transformative nature of self-driving cars, or the ways businesses can best thrive in the mid 21st century, Mark has the depth and experience to talk to almost any audience, in any field, from agriculture to finance to education to health to automotive – and more.


Early on, Mark realised that to succeed as a public speaker, he needed to listen more than he talked. That insight has evolved into a practice unique among professional speakers: Every talk Mark gives has been tailored to precisely meet the client’s needs.


Mark’s approach to public speaking begins with a detailed client conversation to better understand their needs. What are their goals? How do they want to ‘move the needle’ with their audience? What messages do they want reinforced? Briefed in these essentials, Mark drafts a talk, seminar or workshop that delivers clients the results they’re looking for.


Mark’s background as an educator has given him the ideal skillset to develop seminars and workshops, working with a client, to deliver precisely the skills and capacities needed. Years in broadcasting have equipped Mark with both the character and capacity to be an engaging master of ceremonies, able to keep events moving pleasantly and smoothly.


Mark is the consummate Master of Ceremonies, not just reading the script but his genuine enthusiasm in undertaking his own research on our speakers was highly engaging and created a real connection with our audience.”


Selected videos from Mark’s hundreds of talks are available here.


Mark is represented by Zoë Vaughan at Claxton Speakers International: +61 2 9909 0033